I miss blogging

It's been a while and here I am remembering my blog. I think I need to be conscious again with writing as though this is the only way I can express all the emotions I have inside.

This past few weeks seems to be my weakest days (physically weak). I've never been sick continuously, I felt like my immune system has changed and I tend to have depression sometimes. First few weeks I have this severe head ache and that's why I went to see optometrist and there I got astigmatism. Second I always have back pain and insomnia seems coming back, then I got stomach problem continuously for few days and that I lose my appetite and lastly I had acute tonsillitis which makes me shiver the whole day due to fever.

My depressions has many factors though... Work, pressure, financial hahaha... oh well... at the end of the day we just need to realize that we are still lucky to live...

I guess having a positive spirit will remove all those anxieties yet sometimes we tend to be carried away with anger and frustrations... Sometimes its difficult to drive our emotions as it tries to drive us...
Anyways happy weekends everyone...

Me and my Social Needs

Indeed I’m tired now, but I felt I have an adrenaline to write about a good experience of inner triumph I am feeling right now.
I feel g

ood because for the past few weeks I felt like a friendship circle welcomed me to be a new member of their circle. At first I thought it won’t last, I thought once or twice will be enough and everything will be over but to my surprise, they always want to make sure of having me to be with them in any chances I can be and I’m so honored to know that. I felt the genuine longing of having my company to be part of theirs.

Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of Needs states that human’s first and basic need is the Physiological needs. As human we basically need air, water, nourishment and sleep, of course I agree with that. Once these basic needs are achieved then we will start to secure ourselves. We wanted to make sure that we are always safe; we want to make sure that we are financially stable with financial reserves and if these are met then we will start to fulfill our social needs. We will start to long for a need of friends, a need for belonging and a need to give and receive love and this is where I got trapped.
As for my history, at my younger days I am indeed a socially inclined teenager. My teenage friends are extremes. I belong to a wild but fun group and I love them. I really love them and I miss them. I miss those crazy moments but life has to move on and change.
When I go to college, I belong to a different group with different personalities. I am the crazy one, we have Ms. Na├»ve, we have Ms. ambitious, we have Ms. Businesswoman, we have Ms. Leader and decision maker and I have one best buddy whom I linger on, we were so close that I couldn’t imagine losing her after graduation. She helped me so much; we helped each other a lot as if we are sisters. She is very close to my family and I get close to her family too. However after graduation we lost each other… I miss you wherever you are now. “Nunca te Olvidare“. That was my first lost and that my personality of being Ms. Friendship suddenly vanished. It hurts… but I endure.
Until I fall for love, and the stupid thing I did is that I gave everything. I gave all the trust, the love, the time, everything and then again I lost him. I lost a best friend and a lover. How can I trust again? I see people as impostors, plastics and users. I started to hate my life and the world and that’s why I live on my own. I started to don’t trust easily, I reject many friendship attempts. I started to live my life with less social interaction, I set boundary imposing to myself that social interactions will only be done when it’s necessary.
I became loner. I pretended to be tough enough to act that I don’t need anyone but myself even though deep inside my heart it bleeds like hell. It hurts. I was in deep pain and I thought the healing process will take forever.
But time heals wounds; I never thought I can be better. I am not at my best at this point in time but I’m better. I have few good people in my workplace; I also have good students who became my good friends.
Finally, I am happy to belong to a good circle of friends. I felt this feeling of something like “I belong to this circle”. When I wasn’t there, I know they want me to be there; and when I’m there; I know that it is complete because I’m there.
There’s no perfect friendship but I just feel good being around there. I didn’t feel that I was a burden, a problem or something. I know I may spoil someone’s mood or irritate someone at times because I’m human; thus, I’m not perfect and they are not perfect too because they are just humans; even so, what matters most is that I know, I belong to imperfect yet best circle of friends I can have.
Thank you people for accepting me, thank you people for inspiring me, thank you people for helping me to open up again, thank you people because you helped me reborn who I am and who I am suppose to be.

MIC’s 20th Birthday – Gala Night 2009

The preparation was over, the meetings, the paper works, the marketing, the search for dress, for everything; gala night fever is already over. It ain't easy to organize an event where VIPs are invited at the same time the pressure of making sure that students will be satisfied and will be happy.

Tiring as it is because it does mean an extra job other than the daily tasks. However, if I think about the students, I would say being bushed out means nothing. Gala night is the biggest event we can offer to the students thus, we want to make sure that all of them would be satisfied, happy and will feel they belong to a one big happy family.

30th October is at full blast, preparation of attendances, name tags, order of the program, booking of general rehearsal and the most hated last minute tasks. We had dinner at the same time I should say an open forum with Mr. Felix Straven, Managing Director of NCC Education, Manchester, UK in I Lotus which lasted until almost 11pm.(It's tiring). There after, comes the adrenaline to stay awake to finalized the guests list and table seating arrangement (I have to make sure that no one will be left out alone in a strange company, couples must be together and friends must be together that is difficult though). I started doing that at 11pm and I stopped working at 5:30am. (unfinished sigh). I took a nap and woke up at 7am to head to Empire Hotel for the final general rehearsal and there it goes, after the rehearsal I headed back the office to finalize the VIP list. Doing this is easy yes, but some guests did their attendance confirmation in last minute so I have to wait until 4:00pm. Time is running and I have 2 hours left to prepare myself. After printing everything, I go off straight to empire without taking bath. Thanks to Romella and Riza for taking my taking dress and other stuff from home and thanks to my sister too for packing my stuff.

Yeah what a day, I should suppose to be having a little nap so that my aura
would be at my prettiest hehehe well, I just thought that it is not my night but it’s the students’ night. Thanks to Romella again for my make up, although we have little time but alteast it's well done...

6:30 pm, students are arriving, guests are arriving and finally the guest of honour arrived at 7:00 pm and the event was officially launched by welcoming the arrival of the Guest of Honour Datin Paduka Dyg Apsah Binti Haji Abd Majid. Permanent Secretary (Core Education) Ministrty of Education Brunei.

Everything goes well except for some technical errors from the lousy staff hahaha… I can complain because customer is always right. How can you be satisfied when you have a great singer who is about to sing the highlight of the song and then the microphone stopped working? And how about the smoke machine? We only saw 1 blow from the smoke machine and that’s it, reason was, it gets over heat? Whatever L****….lol…

Well, that’s it; as long as the students' feedback are all positive then I commend our team. Everyone did their job with passion. I also commend the students who were involved such as the MCs, the ushers (they are very good), and especially the performers. The live band, I should say WOW amazing people… Great voice and great music I just love them... The dancers are cute and graceful. The singers were able to hide the nervous feelings and the dance floor gets wild when the DJ played low.. low.. low.. low… nice one DJ Khaliq I know your music compilation has been rejected few times but the outcome was great.

This year is really a good one because the Part Time Students treat the Full Time as their little brothers and sisters. They allow them to join the group and had fun together, that was a very sweet moment. Indeed, a happy family.

KUDOS to all and I’m so glad and relieved to see everyone happy…


An invitation to initiate environmental friendly lifestyle now!!!

An invitation to initiate environmental friendly lifestyle now!!!
Hey people… Are you worried with what is happening to our Mother Earth? Have you heard the song wake me up when September ends? What’s with September? It all started when September 2009 is almost leaving… We had Ketsana (Ondoy) typhoon that claimed almost 200 lives and left millions homeless in the Philippines, and then went Cambodia and Vietnam which also claimed over 100 lives and caused many establishments destroyed. On the 30th an earthquake in Sumatra Indonesia claimed over 700 lives, 500 buildings collapsed, 1, 100 buildings were damaged and left thousands of people terrified and helpless. On the 29th of September at American Samoa Island a TSUNAMI caused by an earthquake took almost a hundred lives and swipe many towns in the Island.
A week thereafter, a typhoon Parma (Pepeng) hit Northern Luzon in the Philippines which caused many landslides burying 200 lives, crops were destroyed, towns were submerged in water, and people were starving. Subsequently, Parma went to Taiwan, and what’s next? Yeah, all these are calamities of nature yet our lifestyle affects the nature equilibrium.
Typhoon or hurricane’s formation is caused by global warming; the formation of water vapor in the atmosphere is due to the carbon dioxide emitted by us humans. The burning of fossil fuels that emits carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is contributing the highest percentage. This carbon dioxide creates an extra thick heat layer around the Earth that results an increase of Earth’s temperature by about one degree Fahrenheit over the past century and heated up more intensely over the past two decades.
If we keep putting extra greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere we will experience unnatural warming which yields many deadly effects such as Hurricanes, rise of sea levels, diseases and the like.
Why do we need to burn fossil fuels? Well, the answer is that we need it as these fossil fuels burned by power plants are supplying power to our households, enabling cars, trucks, planes and factories to run.
Also, forests are the greatest contributors of absorbing carbon dioxide to prevent them to be emitted to the atmosphere yet we are losing 10 million acres of forests a year due to deforestation. Additionally, losing the forest causes flash floods and landslides.
These past few days, the news content were all bad nonetheless I want to bring good news to you and that is to tell you that “IT IS NOT YET LATE” to save the earth if we start today.
We can contribute to lessen the effects of global warming by means of living green and be eco-friendly.
In our offices, how many sheets of paper do you waste in a day? We should start recycling papers or re-using them. How about the air conditioners? If it’s not too warm, me might as well turned them off to save power.
How about the non biodegradable wastes? The shopping plastic bags, we have to re-use them. I am but a small voice who do not have the power to tell the big boys in the business world to be eco-friendly. Shopping malls must be banned to use plastic bags to pack the shopping items, these are really one of the major contributors of waste, if we burn these then it will be another contributor of extra gasses to the atmosphere.
How about the empty cartridges and toners in our offices? Please do not throw them, although there is no company recycling these items in Brunei but there are many e-commerce websites that buy and sell them, all we need to do is to gather them until the quantity can be shipped to the company's address. We earned something, more importantly, we were able to contribute in our own little way, in saving mother earth. how about that?..

There are so many things we can do but we need help, we need each other.
To think of the calamities the world experienced these past few days, I am guilty to be one of the contributors of global warming. We utilize power, drive our cars, litter plastics, throw papers but if we try our best to minimize them, then let’s do it together...

If we go grocery, we should bring our own bags to pack our grocery items instead of using the plastic bags from the shop. I myself would feel shy to do this... why? Because I can be a laughingstock for others as the ratio of those who are doing it, is 1 out of 1000 shoppers. If you and I will do it together then nobody will laugh at each other…NOW..WHO DO YOU THINK CAN HELP SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH?..I BELIEVE IT'S YOU...NOBODY...NOBODY, BUT Y-O-U!

Ketsana or Ondoy typhoon

Image herewith is obtained from inquirer.net

Upon entering the office today I can’t deny I was smiling with a glamour face as I had a good sleep though not enough and had a very good morning with my coffee and OPM tracks while driving. While seated, I can’t wait to open my email to check the latest news from Philippines and there it goes my GRIN smile turns blue. Indeed bluer than blue.
I got terrified with the news and videos I’ve seen from my email and the Internet. Philippines is on critical condition. Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana international name) has devastated NCR, mostly Manila and some provinces like Bulacan, Pampanga, Tanay, Quezon, Angono and some other areas which leave catastrophic experience to Filipinos in affected areas. As for Sunday report from inquirer.net there are 73 who were reported dead, 23 missing, four injured and 47,261 are displaced as their houses are filled up with water until the rooftop and are now covered with mud. There are even 2 soldiers and 4 militiamen who were killed while rescuing people.
As I’ve watched the videos on you tube, it reminds of me of the Tsunami in 2004 seeing the roads turned into wild river where people get caught has to find ways to seek for refuge. They stood up on top of their cars and rooftops and some are grabbing some floating things to survive as the wild water tries to wipe them out. It is really heartbreaking. This typhoon is really worst, super storm as others would regard it. Ondoy unleash Katrina Hurricane that strikes US in 2005 dumping 200-250 mm of rain as Ondoy dumped 455mm rain in 24 hours time.

I know I can’t do anything but pray, pray for the healing of those people who lost their loved ones, pray for restoration of their homes that are vanished or covered with mud. Hopefully the government will really help those who are affected.

Now, plenty of people are blaming of what had happened, it's a pipe problem and whatever. Hello bastards if you blame today can you undone what had happened?

You better read disaster recovery management... Blaming won't help solve the problem, you better work double time, secure the place, put it back in shape.. You can start tracing the blame when everything is put back to normal. When it's clear then go trace who open the dam, or which area needs to be fixed. Help FIRST ok.. A lot of homeless out there are hungry and in pain.

Hence, we the fortunate are called to lend our helping hand.

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AddThis - Sharing http://llerox.blogspot.com/

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Brunei


Since I don't experience this, so I tried to search in google what does people do during this event and google redirect me to wikipedia and yes I agree with how Wikipedia defines Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

I've been in Brunei for 5 years and with these years I witnessed how the people prepared for this occasion and I like it. The preparation is indeed amazing. People fast for 1 month and they will celebrate the triumph after suffering with their family, relatives and friends.

As observed, many students from overseas tend to "BALIK KAMPUNG" to celebrate Hari Raya. People will go for shopping, do house cleaning, preparing food, and the likes just to be well prepared for the Day of Celebration termed as "Hari Raya" in Malay.

What I like with the occasion is that I saw a very great close family ties amongst family member and even with the distant relatives. Despite the modern society, Bruneians have maintained their family bond custom. I appreciate the gesture of "Salam" to the elders wherever they bumped with each other may it be in restaurants, banks, shopping malls, everywhere. In Philippines it is also a tradition we called "Mano Po" taking the right hand of our elders and place their hand on our forehead, though it is still practiced but it's not applicable to TAG everyone. There are still many people doing that but it's not everyone.

The people I mingled with here in Brunei are very polite especially my students considering a lot of them are older than me. What I appreciate most is that they respect me and what I believe with. When it is Christmas time, all my students will really greet me Merry Christmas and I'm so happy to hear that, and guys just to let you know I also respect your beliefs too.

I hope that this kind of respect will root deeper regardless of WHO and WHAT we are as long as we are HUMANS. I hope that this kind of relationship, a multi-culture society yet there is unity and respect will not just work in Brunei but throughout the world. If this is so, surely we all will live in a peaceful and happy world...


The images herewith are excerpted from the "DECREATIVITY" blog. The blog has amazing photos.

Love lots,


Soda so nice = Obesity

One of my worry is the fact that every day I woke up I see myself growing. I want to get rid the extra fats in my belly and yes of course the answer is to have a proper diet and exercise.

As I was reading articles on proper diet, I come across an article about obesity caused by soda. Are you a big fan of soda? For your information, every time we drink 12 ounce of soda or 355ml it is as good as eating 13 teaspoon of sugar which is equal to more or less 155 calories depending on your soda brand hehe. 155 calories? That’s a lot though. Last time when I’m still into thread mill, I walked 15 minutes on thread mill after office and the calorie I’ve thrown is around 100 plus plus, of course it will depend how I control the pace of the thread mill machine. So if I drink 12 ounce soda I still owe 55 calories?

I’m not really into soda but I drink soda. However this fact alarmed me much because many people can’t live without it. Some people make soda as their water after meal. In the USA, many states initiated to increase tax revenue on Soda and some states ban the sales of soda in schools. I admire this initiative, because kids awareness of health is not as much as we know and they never care. Considering they are kids, when they get addicted to soda it will be difficult for them to stop and they will start to be obese.

Soda causes obesity which is a risk factor to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes especially when you have genetic history of diabetes.

Next sugar source and calories is the RICE… Rice oh rice… Asians are the greatest fan of rice. We love rice and we can’t deny that. A meal won’t be complete without eating rice. Nevertheless, we are fan of white rice where the actual nutrients such as protein, phosphorus and iron are almost not there anymore because these nutrients are concentrated in the outer brown layers known as husks & germs and we don’t want that isn’t it? We want the clean pseudo cosmetic polished rice where the bran and germs were removed.

For your information, a 100 g intake of rice is equivalent to 345 calories and how many times we eat rice in one day? 2 times? 3 times? Do we have all the chance to throw those calories? This is again causes obesity. I’m not saying we can’t eat rice because I don’t think I can live without it. We can do our daily activity because of rice however we should take only the right amount. women should take at least 100 calories a day for us to perform our daily tasks where men should take at least 150 calories for them to perform their daily tasks. So now my question is how many grams of rice we should take to get the 100 calories? Its math time and I’ll leave that as your assignment.

Let’s stay healthy and sexy hopefully.. I write this article to motivate myself and some other out there who were worried with their bulging tummies.

Whitney Houston is back with her I LOOK TO YOU single

When I was small, Whitney Houston's songs are the karaoke hits frequently sang by female wanna be singers in my hometown and I love the songs. I love Whitney's songs. I grew up listening with her music, she is one of the top selling U.S. female vocalists of all time hence, she's a star. As for the record there are over 170 million albums sold around the world of all her albums. Amazing right?

Yet, being a star will always have temptation into living your life into mess. She got it all, people loves her music, people adore her yet she got captivated into drugs "marijuana and cocaine" oh men.... She's just an example of those big stars who dont have happy endings in their career because of the tempations they can hardly resist.

Last tuesday when Whitney was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in her TV show, she was asked if she is already a DRUG FREE? she replied "Yes Maam". Hoepefully, she is. She's 46 and divorced and now embarking to come back to what was life offered her and good news is, for the past two weeks after the release of her new album, it topped the charts in the US and some countries. Go Whitney be a drug free and have a life.. I just love your music.


Micronet International College has successfully held the BERSUNGKAI BERSAMA DI MICRONET & TALENT NITE 2009 last 9 September 2009 (Wednesday) at Micronet’s Function Hall. The functional hall including the lobby is populated with over 80 students. Upon Sungkai (breaking the fast), Sheik Ahmad Naufal Sheik Adnan Bagarib recite the Doa Selamat and there it goes, everyone started to break the fast. The Talent Nite was launched by our two endearing MCs Ms. Karen (MIC Lecturer) and Abdul (IDCS Part time student). The talent show has started to be on heat as Norashyimah the first Micronet Idol in 2007 performed. The crowd went wild as she sang until all the contestants performed. There are even songs that the crowd can’t help but sing with the contestants. Indeed, it was a night to remember, many went home with glamour on their faces. Not to forget the amazing Magic tricks of one of the participants where even until the show was finish, students and even staff are still willing to see some magic tricks. The sequence of talent Nite is as follows:
1st participant: Pg Abd Azim bin Pg Hj Ismail - (Singing)
2nd participant: Dk Hashimatul Rahima Pg Hj Hassan – Matahari (Singing)
3rd participant: Quaverine Fillag Pelingen – (Dancing)
4th participant: Ella Nabila – (Singing)
5th Participant: Coco and Adim – (Singing)
6th participant: Azman Johari - (Singing)
7th participant: Faisal & Firdaus – Situasi (Singing)
10th participant: MPB Mun Paham Bisai (Big & Zack) - Hanya kau yang mampu (Singing)
9th participant: Abd Azim Abd Latif – Magic Tricks Show
10th Participant: Aidee Suherman – (Singing)
11th participant: Hisyan Bin Puasa – (singing)
After everyone has performed, Mohammad Alizul Helmi bin Nawang @ Asde performed heartwarming songs while the audience votes and the total score of the contestants is being tallied. After the few minutes wait, finally the result was out and the winner goes to Amazing Big & Zack (Contestant number 8). Big & Zack has captured the audiences’ heart who accumulated 28 votes from the audience and were the judges choice to be the champion. Thus, Big & Zack were declared the winner of Micronet’s Talent Nite 2009.

I felt relieved that one task is down hehe.. I've accomplished it successfully but it's not just ME.. It would be impossible if I didn't get support from my colleagues who did their best as well with the tasks given to them and most of all I salute students who really cooperate especially the contestants. I know some of them are not really used to perform in public although they have the talent as I saw they are nervous but I admire them for the GUTS and support they shared to make the event successful. I love you guys!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND keep on ROCKING...

NEXT TASK? WOOOOHHHH this one is bigger and grander and more blood shedding whew... The 20th Anniversary Gala Night a.k.a GALA NIGHT to be held at the most grandest 6th Star Hotel "The Empire Hotel & Country Club" Men... I hope I will loose weight with this preparation hehehe...